Frequently Asked Questions

What are Push Notifications?

A push notification is a great way to notify users about new content on the website, offers or anything interesting without actually opening your website. Just imagine a hassle-free way to reach your users anywhere and in real time. The push notifications helps to deliver the messages without opening your mailbox and delivers them on their browser in real time. Plus it works on all devices including mobile phones, so now you can create a mobile audience through your mobile website.

What kind of Push notification services Pushify provides?

Pushify is a website that provides quick and easy Push notification services for various websites, out of which one could be yours! It provides push notification services on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Mobile websites. Pushify offer features like Unlimited subscribers, Unlimited Push notifications, Geo targeting, social page, Dashboard and etc. Do check out our features page for more information.

Is it related to technical or marketing?

It is a marketing tool. By this you can send updates to your customers. Your customers just need to subscribe to our Pushify account first. Once they register you can send notifications to your customers even when they are not on your website.

How it works?

To know more about this, go to How it Works menu

How can I integrate with my website?

You have to copy a code snippet from Pushify to your website's head section. If your website runs on WordPress, you can install our plugin and it does everything for you.

What is the use of subdomain?

It is the URL of your social page. In social page, all the push notification sent by you will get displayed. Your customers can interact with you through Send a Query option.

What is social page?

Social page is a place where you and your customers connect socially. It contains all the notifications you have sent. Your customers can directly subscribe from your social page.

How to add subscribers in Pushify?

There are two ways by which your customers can subscribe you. You can either use our social page or from your website after copying the code from Pushify dashboard.

How to get your Subscribers Mobile Numbers?

This module comes under Enterprise Edition. After integrating your website you will get pop-up box having mobile number option, in your respective website. Using this module you can get your Subscribers mobile numbers.

What is Scheduled Push notification?

You can schedule the Push notification by Time and Date using the Scheduled Push option in our Dashboard.

Where the notifications delivered?

Push notifications will be delivered to your subscriber’s device. If the device ID mobile is registered, it will be visible in the notification bar. In case of a desktop it will be visible right top/right bottom. Try Test a Push to test it.

Do I stay in online to get notifications?

No. It will automatically get deliver if your subscribers are connected with Internet. If not it will get delivered when they connect to internet.

Can we send Push notifications to particular customer?

You can send push notification to a particular subscriber through our API.

Can a user configure the number of notifications he can receive in a day?

No. Right now we are not providing such feature.

Can subscribes automatically added when they visit website without asking the permission?

No. It is mandatory that they should allow the permission. Push notifications work on browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Browsers don't allow to receive notification without permission.

Does my customer will have to click on allow button to get notification?

No. Once they click Allow button, they will get added to your subscribers list. Then your customer will not get the permission box again. It is one time process.

Can I send Push notification anywhere in the world?

Yes. You can send push notification throughout the world. You can even use Geo Targeting feature to target specific regional customers.

Can we push image notification?

You can have a logo to Push Notification. However it will not display as a large image instead it comes as small logo. However you can add an image which will be visible only on Social page.

Is there a way to delete the push notification?

You cannot take back the push notification sent. However you can remove the push from the timeline of your Social Page. Go to Timeline menu from Dashboard to remove pushes.

How to Switch-off pop-up in mobile?

You can switch off the popup box either on all the devices or none. You cannot switch off for individual device.

Can I send SMS or Mails to my customers?

No. You cannot send SMS or Emails to your existing customers. You can send only web push notifications after your customers subscribe you.

What is inbox, how can I get verified leads?

Inbox is a list where you receive queries from your customers or who are willing to use your service. Social Page is the ultimate option to send queries. Pushify offers "Send Query" attribute in social page to receive queries. Subscribers who send queries through Social Page they are verified customers or leads because before sending query we verify their mobile numbers.

Where can I get my wordpress plugin?

You can install the plugin from WordPress plugin store or from our Dashboard.

Can I integrate pushify in android application?

No. It is possible only with websites

Does Pushify support blogger?

Yes. It support Blogger sites. You need to copy and paste the code to your Blogger site head section.

Can App supports Push notifications?

No. As mobile applications don't run on browsers, Pushify doesn't support mobile applications.

How can I know from where my customers are accessing?

You can check it through your Pushify Dashboard by navigating to Subscribers menu.

Can my customer stop the notifications?

Yes. They can stop receiving notifications by Unsubscribing to your account. They can Un subscribe either by social page or from your website (only if you have activated the Stop Notification button).

Can I send the confirmation message via Pushify if anyone registered through backend coding?

Yes. You can implement such features using our API.

What is the difference between free and Enterprise Edition

Free Edition includes all basic functionalities for free of cost without any limits and restrictions. Whereas Enterprise Edition includes advanced modules which costs as per the module. You can find the detailed features and module list in package page.

Will pushify be free forever?

All Free Edition features do remain free forever. However we are providing few features as Enterprise modules which costs accordingly.

Does it have any hidden charges?

No. Everything is clearly mentioned in packages page.

What is the cost for paid version?

Paid version contains different modules. Each module costs differently. Check out packages page for more details.

Duration of enterprise edition either monthly or annually?

It is on monthly basis (recurring).

How can i upgrade my account to Enterprise edition?

If you are already existing customer then you have an upgrade option in your dashboard. Otherwise, you can contact us through contact us form or you can email to

How to delete my account?

You can raise a support ticket by visiting Contact Us page to delete your account permanently.

How to reach out Pushify customer care?

You can message us directly through contact us or send a message through our Live Chat or you can email to

My question is not found here, What I do?

For more queries please contact us through contact us form or you can email to

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