Mobile Number Verified Subscribers (MNVS) Demo


Pop-Up Box

Look at top center popup box. This is how it asks permission if you paste the code in your website. Don't worry about the design. You can customize it.



You have to subscribe the MNVS module which comes under Enterprise Edition. You can enable/disable the module for each category


Ask for mobile number

Checkout above popup. It asks for mobile number before subscription. It maps the mobile number to the subscribing user. You can use mobile number while sending push notification


Verified Subscribers

Your subscribers need to verify their mobile number using OTP. This module provides good amount of leads with which you can market with their mobile numbers.


Subscribers List

Log in to your pushify account and navigate to Enterprise Modules > Mobile Numbers. You can export the mobile numbers and feed them to boost your business


Transactional Push

You can send push notification to a particular customer as we do in case of SMS. Just select appropriate mobile numbers (1 or more) while sending push notification.

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