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Chrome browser is leader of all modern browsers. The coverage of chrome browser is 69.9% as of March 2016. Please follow Link to know more about the browser coverage. We support chrome push notifications on both PCs and mobile devices. Chrome browser supports push notifications from v42.0 for both Desktop and Mobile devices. Sending push notification process is similar for all the browsers. The process is explained here

How to send a Push

Now your push notifications are just a click away!! Pushify makes your journey easy and convenient to directly connect with your customers. Register to our service here and start using all our services without any hindrances. Thus, once registered you can access your multi-tasking dashboard.

Before sending a push notification, you need to have atleast a subscriber subscribed to your account. It is waste of effort shouting in desert where you are alone. So, to receive subscriptions from your customers, you have two ways.

1. Get Code

By this method you can prompt your customers whether they would like to subscribe to your account when they visit your website. Whenever a visitor grants the permission they will get added to your subscribers list. Yes it is very simple. All required is, you need to get a code snippet from your dashboard, and paste it in the <head> section of the page you would like to receive subscriptions. Find the detailed snippet of the process.

1. Go to Get Code

Go to Get Code

2. Click Get Code

Select Category and Click Get Code

3. Copy the code

Copy the code

4. Paste the code

Paste the code

You are done. Now your website visitors would see a popup box asking for permissions to send push notifications. No matter the device is a PC or a mobile device, we take care about all the background process and send them notification. Following snaps describe it

1. Permission Pop Up Box

Permission Pop Up Box

Now through your Pushify dashboard you can not only prompt users for notifications but also Get Notifications sticky button along with an unsubscribe button too on the screen. Discover many such features at your dashboard now.

2. Social Page

The above way solves all the problems for business holding a website. But what about those without one? Thus, Pushify provides a Social Page for business which can be accessed by a subdomain. This subdomain is given by the user itself while registering on the site. So, now just share the URL of your Pushify’s Social page ex. to your customers or anywhere in your website and get direct subscriptions on your account.

1. Social Page Subscription

Social Page Subscription

There are lot more things you can do by Social Page. Please explore about Social Page here

Now you can run your business successfully without a website as well with your Social Page on Pushify. So cuff up your sleeves and start your notifications now.

3. Send Push

1. Go to Send Push

Go to Get Code

2. Give Push Details and Send

Select Category and Click Get Code

3. See the Push Stats

Copy the code

The given process describes the holistic process to send a push notification to your subscribed customers.

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