Supports all major desktop and mobile browsers

We majorly support all the vital browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. These are pioneers of current browsing arena. Without any hindrance, just copy the code from dashboard in your web page and your customers will start receiving notifications within seconds. It’s easy and convenient.

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Our features are easy to use


Our Unique Dashboard enables you to organize and understand your target audience. Our dashboard has every option you need. Everything happens in just few clicks

Mobile Notifications

Our user friendly system differentiates between a mobile interface and normal interface and thus it notifies on mobile in real time without any additional application


Pushify offers plugins for different platforms. Just install our plugins and start sending notifications. We provide plugins for all CMS & E-Commerce Apps like Wordpress, Magento


We are not just sending tool. You can recieve responses from your customers with verified mobile number. Your customers can send queries on social page directly


We have an effective reporting system. Get weekly reports directly to your email. Use reports to understand your customers interest and plan your marketing strategy


You can do lot more than just sending push notifications. Keep your customers updated from your social page timeline. Let them interact with your updates

Let's watch the concept

We are a young company having an objective to change the traditional ways in technology and technical services. We start with Push Notifications and making most aspects of it free for the users because we at Pushify believe that only initial capital must not be the only factor to determine the growth of your product. So we present a product to you which will help you to expand your market without any considerable cost.

“We wish you happy Pushifying”

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